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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Adhayan Changes Kangana Music Style

While talking about music, let us tell you about Kangna Ranaut’s new musical beginnings. For a long time her taste in music was Indian classical, ghazals, film songs etc. Much like Rekha was into the ghazals of Mehndi Hasan (and still is), Kangna is an avid Jagjit Singh fan, and like any other die-hard fan she craves to watch his live shows. Now ever since loverboy Adhyayan Suman has come into her life, there’s been a musical turn.

Yeah, he’s been introducing his gal to different genres of western music — from pop, rock, jazz to hip-hop and girl bands. We don’t know which one Ms K is grooving too, but apparently she’s taking a keen interest in Adhyayan’s musical tastes.

Or maybe it is her own roles that are pushing her to a new musical edge. She is doing salsa and hip-hop numbers for Kites with Hrithik Roshan, and being familiar with the music has only made her moves easy. Now of course, an awesome mover like Hrithik can make anyone shake their booty, but you can’t deny that this Kangna-Adhyayan love story is totally upbeat.

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