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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More information on dance sequence with Hrithik and Kangana

Choreographer Sandip Soparrkar is flying high with Kites, the film that has him teaching dance floor moves to Hritik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut

He had short listed three dream students for those perfect moves and when the opportunity dawned to teach one of them, we know for sure that for this dance teacher, it was the coming true of a long-held desire. Choreographing Hrithik Roshan for Kites, salsa expert and ballroom dance whiz Sandip Soparrkar boasts of one of the best students he has ever had.

Kites, directed by Anurag Basu, is a romantic film on an Indian boy’s affair with a Latino girl. Hrithik plays a salsa teacher, while Kangana is Hrithik’s dance student. Set in Las Vegas, the film also has Barbara Mori playing a Spanish girl. Scheduled to release in a couple of months, Soparrkar has choreographed two of the four songs in the film. “Hrithik is such a superb dancer; he grasped the moves very quickly and added his own style to it; we finished the sequences in four days. But, the biggest surprise package was Kangana, who I was told to be careful with and that she is a bad dancer and so on. Though, when we started, she was just fabulous and gave the sequences her total dedication,when neither of them are trained in this style of dancing. We shot them in Bombay on a Las Vegas set since the film is based in that city,” he adds.

In the coming days, Soparrkar has many projects lined up, including Phir Kabhi, which has Mithun Chakrabarthy and Dimple Kapadia dancing to his moves, Rafta 24x7 with Emraan Hashni and so on. Soparrkar, whose wishlist is topped by Madhuri Dixit and Helen, also has international projects lined up, including choreographing Penelope Cruz in the musicalNine. Speaking more about the shoot he says, “The songs have more of Salsa and some steps of Samba and Bassonova. One of the songs is a classroom sequence where Hrithik teaches his students and it was more about replicating how I coach my students. The other is the final competition when Hrithik and Kangana dance together as a pair. It was great teaching them and I am actually amazed, seeing how swiftly they learnt,”

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