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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Real Story Behind Flexy Stu's replacement

Anurag Basu’s Kites is certainly one of those films everyone is waiting for with bated breath. Not only because Hrithik Roshan is paired opposite Spanish actress Barbara Mori but also because it’s one of the first few Indian films that is being made in true international style. From the story to the screenplay to the technicians, everything has a global feel. However, even with so many positives, the film has managed to stay in the news for all the wrong reasons. Be it Hrithik’s alleged affair with Barbara Mori, Rakesh Roshan’s spat with cinematographer Bobby Singh, the major losses the movie incurred because of Hurricane Ike in Mexico or the spook fest the cast and crew had to face while shooting in Santa Fe (New Mexico).

The ride has not been easy. And well, that’s definitely not all. There’s more to add to the already very long list of mishaps.
According to the latest buzz, Flexy Stu, the international choreographer who was supposed to choreograph the Salsa routines in the movie has been replaced by Indian Salsa expert Sandip Soparkar, following a major fight with Roshan junior.
Not too long ago Hrithik had roped in US-based Flexy Stu for a special song in Kites.
Hrithik was leaving no stone unturned in order to make his home production bigger and better. And Stu fitted the bill perfectly as both of them had shared a great rapport since the time the former choreographed Hrithik’s steps for a biscuit commercial. Subsequently, it was also said, Hrithik was so happy with Stu’s work that he recommended him for his other endorsements as well.

Amidst all this, the news of Hrithik and Flexy’s fall-out naturally came as quite a surprise. Nevertheless, if insiders are to be believed, they have had such a huge argument that the damage is irreparable. “Stu had already worked with Hrithik before so everybody thought they would create magic. Everything seemed fine initially but things started going wrong when Flexy took charge of a rather complicated Salsa song sequence. Half-way through it, Flexy wasn’t able to live up to Hrithik’s expectations.

They tried various ways to sort things out as Stu had completed major parts of the choreography, but things only worsened. Hrithik and Stu ended up having a huge fight. Because of their differences of opinions, Stu was logically asked to leave,” adds the source.
As they say, one person’s loss is another person’s gain. And that’s how Sandip Soparkar stepped in. According to a unit member, it was Sunaina Roshan who recommended Sandip’s name.

Her reason for suggesting his name was that in India, one could only look up to Sandip for good Salsa. Our informer also maintains that Rakesh Roshan was very pleased with Sunaina’s choice and immediately handed over the responsibility of choreographing the other dance sequences to Sandip.
We tried contacting Hrithik and Flexy to get a confirmation on the story but both remained unavailable for comment. Although when we contacted Sandip he was unexpectedly very forthcoming about the situation. He openly admitted to having replaced Stu.

“Working on Kites has been no less than a roller-coaster ride. Sunaina was the person who considered me for this lifetime opportunity. Teaching Hrithik and Kangna (Ranaut) to dance to Salsa was quite an experience as a particular song was half done by Flexy Stu and I had to adapt the same style to avoid patchy work,” he paused and continued.
“As a choreographer it was quite a task because each individual has different perspectives even though the dance form is Salsa. But it was great as Hrithik is known for his fantastic dancing skills and Kangna for her hard work. I don’t think everyone gets such opportunities in life and I guess God has been extremely kind to me,” added Sandip.


Anonymous said...

CHECK YOUR SOURCES BEFORE YOU POST A FALSE STORY! Flexy Stu was not fired, check the opening credits of the film!!! PLUS, see behind the scenes page on flexy's website:
FLEXY and "L" were the only choreographers on the ONLY dance scene "FIRE" Kangana owes a great deal of thanks to Mr. Flexy Stu!!!! SHOW YOUR RESPECT, take this BS down!!!

Unknown said...

That is very true Flexy was NOT fired, get your facts straight

Anonymous said...

he is in the first and last shot of the song number! how could he have been replaced if he’s physically in the whole song?
why not be honest and say it was the studio shots before the song? that were fully improvised containing zero choreography!
this is both Hrithiks and kanganas alltime freshest song number still standing the test of time!
why do you want to dirty it and youself with this nonsense ?