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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Controversy Over Hrithik Cursing

The star opted for nothing less than the “MF” expletive while rehearsing his dance steps for Kites . It’s all caught on camera.
Hrithik Roshan , the Bollywood star known for his decorum, both in speech and action, has inadvertently committed a faux pas. A video posted on YouTube has been getting a lot of hits because it shows Hrithik shooting off his mouth and uttering the ‘tabooed’ cuss word “m****r f****r” into the camera.

The leaked clip, apparently taped by choreographer Flexy Stu (who’s choreographed Hrithik’s dances in the actor’s home production ‘Kites’), shows co-star Kangana Ranaut practising her dance steps with a female assistant of Flexy. Moments later, Hrithik walks in and joins the dance rehearsals. At the video’s end, Flexy pans the camera and introduces Hrithik. In response, the star points towards Flexy and says: “This is the baddest m****r f****r in the world.”

Of course, the remark is not meant as an insult but is ironically a compliment for Flexy as a tough task master. But those who take things literally have been getting offended by Hrithik’s remark. And some of these folks are fans of Hrithik who have responded critically after watching the video.

The two-minute clip has got thousands of hits and some offended fans are demanding the video to be edited or completely removed.

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