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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Scans from Kangana's FHM India Shoot

Here is the exclusive interview Kangana had with FHM and also some scans. The entire interview can be seen in the magazine, but here is an excerpt:
Kangna Ranaut: Girl, Uninterrupted
Ethereal, intelligent and deep, Kangna Ranaut belies her physical frailty. The girl from the mountains prefers to make things happen rather than waiting for them to happen to her.

You are drop dead gorgeous and you play disturbed, edgy characters really well. The rest is all fuzzy Wikipedia-Google woven conjecture. Why not start at the very beginning? Tell me, how did a girl from the small hill town of Bhambla in Himachal Pradesh end up in Delhi?

It didn't happen overnight. It wasn't like something happened one fine day that changed my life. But I was quite different from childhood. I always used to have this feeling that I was not an ordinary kid. I never felt like I belonged to the mountains where I grew up. I always had this fascination for cities. People in Himachal Pradesh, where I grew up, are pretty isolated from the rest of the population. My parents would never bother about what's happening in the big bad world. But I was very curious.

You fought with your parents and shifted to Delhi. You were just 15 or 16.... How were those days? Did you have to struggle to survive?

Of course, those were difficult days. But now that I have been through it all and attained the position that I am in today, I look back and feel that all those difficulties, all those penniless days...those were the most beautiful days of my life. I was like a completely blank person. I didn't know what I was doing.

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