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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Aditya Ram appeals for ending piracy

Producer Aditya Ram is serious about curbing piracy. Especially because his costly movie Ek Niranjan, released on a big scale on the 29th of this month, is currently showing in Andhra Pradesh.

Reportedly, he is planning to use technology to nab piracy thugs with the help of a secret code. So beware! Meanwhile, the film's 350 prints are raking in good collections over the weekend.

Puri deleted Brahmanandam comedy track

Though we may be disappointed with the cheap comedy of Ek Niranjan, one needs to appreciate Puri for readily making a decision to delete the track (involving ace comedians Brahmanandam and Ali) from the third day of its release.

Directors like K Vijayabhaskar in the past have responsed to audience's demands when their sensitivities were hurt (one needs to cite the instance of the deletion of a scene involving a blind woman and Brahmanandam in Nuvvu Naku Nacchav).

In the case of Ek Niranjan, the film can only benefit with the decision because the comedy track stunts the narration rather than evoke some relieving laughter. A wise decision of the makers, infact.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Title Song Amma ledhu naana ledhu

"Ek Niranjan" has started well

Adithyaram Movies flick "Ek Niranjan" with Prabhas and Kangana Ranaut in the lead is released in theaters through out the State yesterday. A mishap occured at Tirupathi in Sandhya theater where the movie is being screened. The screen got burnt suddenly and caused lot of pandemonium. Terrified audience rushed out of theater. The movie is getting good response from all areas and attracting particularly mass audience. The film has also done pretty well everywhere.

Sanjay Diet for Kangna?

Fifty-year-old Sanjay Dutt has been shooting with 20-something Kangna Ranaut. And if they were looking super-compatible in spite of Dutt being half of Kangna’s age, it’s all because of a special ketosis-based diet.

Says a source close to Dutt, “Sanjay went on this special diet in June. It required him to take lots and lots of fatty foods and no carbohydrates at all. In fact, carbs would’ve been potentially lethal for this diet. In no time Sanjay started losing weight. And that too without Sanju having to give up his favourite food.” Today Dutt is looking trimmer than he did 10 years ago. And when he shot with Kangna last week the camera couldn’t tell their age difference.

Dutt plays an assassin out to get his victim with a sniper rifle in Knock Out. Kangna Ranaut has always had a fascination for assassin heroes. She began her career with Gangster where her assassin-hero was the 30-plus Shiney Ahuja. Now in Mani Shankar’s Knock Out she’s again attracted to the killer-hero, this time played by the 50-year-old Sanjay Dutt. The two became professionally fond of one another while shooting for the comedy No Problem in Cape Town. When Mani Shankar was looking for a bright, intense young actress to play a television journalist it was Dutt who recommened Kangna.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kangana's interview about Ek Niranjan

"Ek Niranjan" releases today

"Ek Niranjan" has released globally today and the critics has given the film mixed reviews (mostly negative) with everybody agreeing that the film is nothing different from what has been seen before. Kangana, who is making her debut in Tollywood with this film, was rejected by the critics saying that she didn't look like a typical South Indian heroine and she didn't have the bubbly attitude that South Indian actress suppose to have. Kangana did good in some parts and most agreed that she did look pretty while some insulted her looks. Here are some of the reviews:
Rediif - Expectations were high for the Puri Jagannadh-Prabhas Telugu film Ek Niranjan. This is Puri's first release of this year. Unfortunately, the film does not live up to the expectations.

Puri scripts a story around a lost-and-found son -- a common theme many decades ago. And even if it has been shown with plenty of songs and stylish action, it is still the same old wine!

As a child, Chotu (Prabhas) is separated from his family and picked up by Chidambaram (Makarand Deshpande). Chidambaram makes him beg. But one day, Chotu helps the police catch Chidambaram, and is given a rupee for the act. This makes Chotu realise that he can earn money by catching criminals for the police. And that's what he does.

He runs into Sameera (Kangna Ranaut [ Images ]), who is a guitar teacher but hardly plays the guitar. She just has a bunch of kids vouching for her. Her brother -- whom Chotu is after -- works with Johnnybhai (Sonu Sood [ Images ]).

Chotu and Sameera fall in love. But there is Johnnybhai to contend with, as well as an aspiring minister (Posani).

Puri tries to earnestly build up a deft screenplay with a wafer-thin story (which is increasingly becoming his trademark). But the clich├ęd plot falls flat despite all the technical gimmicks (fights and all) and attempts to prop it up. The less said of the comedy, the better. It's so inane and makes one wonder if it was necessary to insert the mindless scenes at all. Even Johnnybhai's character was rather queer in depiction.

Prabhas is effortless as Chotu -- beating up people and romancing Sameera in Switzerland [ Images ]. He acts well and the movie is watchable for him although he has developed a similar style in all his films. An image change may do him good.

Kangna's Telugu debut can't be really raved about. She looks pretty but as far as performance goes, there's nothing much to write about as the script doesn't have anything for her to showcase her acting skills.

Sonu Sood, a constant in Puri's films, plays the villain with panache. Makarand Deshpande can perhaps be asked why he did the role as it didn't demand someone of his calibre to play it. One feels sorry for the comedians Brahmanandam, Venu Madhav, Ali and Sunil who are good actors but given some absurd parts to play.

Technically, Puri ensures that the film is in place. Shyam K Naidu's camerawork was in sync. Mani Sharma's music can be heard and 'seen' on screen. Stun Siva's orchestration of fights in some parts is stylish.

Making a slick film is easy but filling it with content is important; the latter is where Puri seems to have lost out. It is high time he takes stock of the situation and comes out of the Pokiri mould.

India glitz - The second film in the combination of director Puri Jagannadh and hero Prabhas finally released this Friday to great expectations. Coming with a storyline that is simple, it is packed with action and some already-seen moments.

Ek Niranjan is the story of an orphan who earns his livelihood by catching hold of the criminals and lawless individuals in the town and handing them over to the police. The dangerous profession Chotu (Prabhas) has chosen often puts his life in jeopardy but this does not worry him for he knows he is 'ek niranjan', with neither a family of his own nor a girl with whom he can have miffts and huffs (Kasubusulade missu ledu). While the search for his mother and father goes on, the Miss enters his life one fine day. Sameera (Kangna Ranaut), a guitar teacher, is the sister of Madhav, a henchman who works in the gang of Johnny bhai (Sonu Sood). Chotu is asked by the police to nab Madhav who is wanted by them for many crimes. When Sameera is feeding her brother, Chotu enters and forcefully arrests him after causing much havoc (breaking her guitar, you know) in the house.

There develops a predictable chemistry between Chotu and Sameera. As her brother reels behind the bars, Sameera reciprocates her love to Chotu. Parallely, another story is taking place in the hero's life. Though he does not have a care in the world for anyone in the world, when it comes to the one who knows the truth of who his parents are and where they live, he becomes soft with him. The peddler who abducts children and makes them beggars had kidnapped Prabhas when he was still a toddler and he is in jail for the crimes. For fifteen years, Chotu pleads with him to tell him about his parents, but to no avail. There is another villain in Jhonny's gang called Kailash who is arrested for allegedly murgdering a minister on the behest of Posani, who now wants Kailash to die so the world does not know the truth that the he was behind the minister's assassination. He is the son of Tanikella Bharani whom Prabhas befriends through Sameera. The hero takes it upon himself to stop Jhonny from killing Kailash. How Chotu elimates Johnnybhai and meets his parents forms the rest of the film.

Ek Niranjan sounds too routine and ordinary. If Prabhas's self-forgetful dancing in a crowdy area (title track) and his ramrod valour are entertaining, the writer could have mad his character look more brilliant. In a film that has a character speaking philosophically about how the Almighty concocts games with men, there could have been some depth. Given the kind of storytelling we see in Puri's films, one feels there is no Midas Touch here. Everything is so bland and pale. Be it the characterisation or action or comedy, nothing seems new or different. It is Prabhas's energy and verve that help the audience cling to seats. Not just him, the film is watchable for Sonu Sood, who delivers a superb performance. With Brahmaji, he makes the proceedings peppy. Watching the conversations he strikes with his assistant or the adulation he expresses after every scene with Prabhas is entertaining.

The scene in which the heroine expresses her love for Prabhas is heart-touching. However, one is forced to confess that this is not the kind of character an able actress like Kangna should have got. Playing a glamorous role, she is milk-and-water. The bloody look in the climax is churning and peevish.

Surprisingly, the comedy track is hopeless. Puri, who is bright at creating comedy situations, does not show intelligence here. Like a B-grade director, he makes the show with Brahmanandam and his girlfriend worse and more worse. Ali and Sunil, both do not make you laugh even for a moment.

Ek Niranjan is saved by Prabhas, Sonu Sood and Mani Sharma's fine tune.

Those are the reviews.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"Ek Niranjan" to open with a lot of screens

The much-awaited movie Ek Niranjan, which is finally releasing on October 29th the Thursday, is set to open to huge collections.

Yes, the Prasadz IMAX in Hyderabad will show 15 shows and INOX will show 14 shows on the day of the film's release, and more surprisingly, all the shows are house-full!! This is something unheard of in case of a Prabhas film.

Puri Jagannadh, the director, must be feeling elated over the response his next release has already generated. With openings and initial bookings becoming crucial for any film these days, it is advantage Ek Niranjan.
Aditya Ram says, “This is the first film in Prabhas career, which is being produced with a heavy budget, released with highest prints and in highest theatres. The story has several kinds of elements and the director Puri Jagannath has moulded the film excellently on the celluloid. The film is an out and out entertainer. Prabhas’ performance would be a highlight and the film would earn him lots of name and fame. The audiences can find a novel Prabhas in performance, dances and fights. He has been personally involved in several risky shots in the climax scenes that were shot in Thailand.”

More making of "Ek Niranjan"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Ek Niranjan" coming in 2 days!

"Ek Niranjan" is coming in two days, in fact, it is even tomorrow when advance booking will open. The media and everybody is very excite about the release. The audio has even became a smash hit. Some people who have seen the film says it is fantastic!

Monday, October 26, 2009

"Ek Niranjan" got A certificate

"Ek Niranjan" has gotten an A certificate by the censor board because of its violence. The movie releases on Thursady Oct 29 and it has Kangana Ranaut and Prabhas.

Ek Niranjan:


Kangana Talks About Shooting Tanu Weds Manu

Kangana explained about the shooting of tanu weds manu on her blog:

"As you may know I’ve been busy shooting for my film Tanu Weds Manu in Lucknow for the last few days. It’s been a really fun time, in a really fun city, with a really fun cast and crew! On our very first day here, the Director Anand Rai, discovered a delicious “Chaat” place and since then, there’s been no stopping us, it’s a chaat party on the sets and we often step out into the city to the restraunts to have a bite of the famous Lucknow cuisine!

My sister Rangoli has been with me through this schedule, and we’ve had a lot of fun shopping for beautiful chikankari cloth and more. Infact I’m quite excited about my look in this film, as its the first time I have an all Indian look, with shararas and short kurtis, morjaris etc. The script is fun and the cast and crew are really nice as well. Maddy is an all time jokster with great stories up his sleeves and has us in splits all the time with his anecdotes. The team led by Shailesh Singh and Anand Rai is one of the most caring I’ve worked with.

There were a lot of rumours about my getting eve-teased by the crowds in Lucknow recently, and I want to let you know there’s no truth to these at all. A couple of days ago there was some mild trouble with crowds on the sets, however neither Maddy nor I were on the set at the time. The people in Lucknow have been most kind and very hospitable and we’ve really enjoyed our visit.

I will be sorry to leave, but am now looking forward to joining the crew on the sets of “Knockout” next. with so many films on my plate simultaneously, it is a challenge shifting so quicky from one character to another, but then life’s not fun without a challenge I guess!"

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kangana rejected Tum Mile

Today, Emraan Hashmi and Soha Ali Khan are being seen opposite each other in Kunal Deshmukh directed Tum Mile which belongs to 'disaster movie' genre. However, not many are aware that years back, the film had first been offered to Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut, both of whom promptly rejected this Mukesh Bhatt production. Not just that, even Kunal Kapoor, who had yet to prove his standing as a commercially viable leading man, wasn't too enticed by the film and politely declined the offer.

Buzz up!
"That's what destiny is all about and one can't do much about it. Perhaps Emraan Hashmi and Soha Ali Khan were always meant to be a part of Tum Mile. I am glad that happened because today, I am getting such a wonderful feedback for this unique pairing", says Kunal Deshmukh who saw a change in fortune after his Jannat turned out to be super hit at the box office last year.

As per sources, all the aforementioned actors didn't quite want to work with a newcomer like Kunal Deshmukh in a film which was unconventional and broke Bollywood stereotypes. For Kunal, it was a period of turmoil since he had written the first draft of the script in 2006 itself, way before Jannat was even conceptualised.

"I was an Assistant Director at that time and Mumbai floods, which took place on 26th July, 2005, really shook me. I wanted to make a movie about two characters who reunite in this situation and what happens to their life soon after. This was a subject close to my heart but unfortunately for me, none of the actors were inclined to work with me at that time", Kunal makes an honest confession.

Imran Khan was shooting for Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa at that time and was extremely confident of his debut film. This is why he didn't want to work with a novice director at that time.

"And I don't blame him for that", Kunal replied promptly, "He is justified in his place. He was just starting out and perhaps it was good for him to be safe. He is a great guy and I would wish to work with him in future."

Meanwhile both Kunal Kapoor as well as Kangana excused themselves from the film as well.

"May be it was all my fault. May be I couldn't sell my concept to them in a convincing manner. After all a movie like this hasn't been attempted before and it was difficult for me to narrate a movie which is so visually driven", says Kunal.

It was an increasingly difficult period for him and this is when Mukesh Bhatt suggested that they begin work on a different subject.

"Mr. Bhatt told me that every movie has its own time and destiny and may be Tum Mile was meant to be made at a later stage. He advised me to work on something different and this is how Jannat was born. It too was a radically different subject for Bollywood due to it's theme of match fixing. But perhaps it was still a safer project", he reveals.

Not many know that even Emraan Hashmi had refused Tum Mile stating the same reason as his other colleagues.

"Thankfully, he didn't say no to me once I proved myself with Jannat", adds Kunal in a humorous tone, "After the success of Jannat, Mr. Bhatt reminded me of Tum Mile and gave me a go ahead. This time around Emraan was game for the film. He didn't even discuss the economics with me and just asked me when we could start."

Confirms Emraan Hashmi, "Kunal is a very sensible director; something that I realised with the way he made Jannat. As far as Kunal would want to work with me, I am sure that I would want to work with him. We make a great team and after Jannat, we were set out to make Tum Mile with as much passion and sincerity as well."

Kunal didn't revert to Kangana though and instead roped in Soha Ali Khan who was game for Tum Mile.

"Kangana was already working with Mohit (Suri) on Raaz - The Mystery Continues with Vishesh Films. She was paired with Emraan in the film and it would have been too much too soon for audience to see the same pair twice in a year. It made sense to rope in some other actress as that would have added freshness to the project. I was happy to sign on Soha since her pairing with Emraan is bound to surprise the audience. Time and again, it has been proven that something unconventional does work for the audiences. Same should hold goof for Tum Mile too", reasons Kunal.

The rest, as they say, is history and work soon began on the film. There was quite some emphasis placed on the film's pre and post production which is releasing all over on 13th November. Tum Mile has music by Pritam and lyrics by Sayeed Quadri & Kumar.

Kangana's working on Sohail Maklai production

After having a roll while shooting for Anees Bazmee’s comedy No Problem in South Africa, Kangna Ranaut is back to serious business. The actress, who is part of the Sohail Maklai production also featuring Sanjay Dutt and Irrfan Khan, is apparently playing a reporter in the film. In fact, during the two to three days of her shoot, she was attired in Indian skirts and tops, a la Preity Zinta style in Lakshya, according to a source present on the sets. However, currently, it is Sanjay Dutt who has been shooting major scenes at Mehboob Studios in Mumbai as part of the first schedule. Unlike Kangna, the actor is shooting in regular outfits such as T-shirts and jeans, with most of his scenes being ‘dialogue-oriented’ with character actors and junior artistes, revealed the source. As for the set itself, it depicts a contemporary house, short of a bungalow. Being directed by Mani Shankar, the film’s first schedule will be wrapped-up by October 25.

Aditya Ram speaking about Ek Niranjan

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kangna Ranaut poses for filmfare magazine

After a giving a flop movie to Bollywood, where exactly has Kangana Ranaut disappeared to these days? Well, the young lass had been quite busy with her Telugu film, 'Ek Niranjan'. The shooting of the film is over and now Kangana has quite a few things on her list. A couple of days ago, the flair Kangana posed infront of the camera for the Filmfare Magazine. Kangana took on a classic retro look during the photoshoot and absolutely enjoyed every bit of it.

Furthermore, Kangana will also starting shooting for her new venture, , 'Once Upon a Mumbai'. Staring Ajay Devgan and Kangana in the lead , the venture also stars Emran Hashmi and the television bahu, Prachi Desai. Moreover director Milan Luthria stated that more than half of the movie has been shot and portions with Emran, Prachi and Kangana are left which will commence sometime next week.

Kangana will also be seen in 'Kites' playing the role of Gia which is set to hit the floor sometime this year!

Aditya Ram thanks audiences for Ek Niranjan audio success

The noted producer Adithya Ram is all set to arrive with his new venture ‘Ek Niranjan’ on the 29th of this month and before that, he released the audio on 25th of September.

Speaking about it, he said that he was really thankful to all the audience for making it a big success. He also added that all six tracks composed by Mani Sharma have gone well with audience all across the state and the highlight among them was the title song.

He also revealed how the listeners had explained about each song in detail and what they liked about it, this made him feel on top of the world.

Photography – Syam K Naidu, art – Chinna, editing – M R Varma, fights – Stun Siva, story, screenplay, dialogues, director- Puri Jagannadh.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kangana Ranaut in Rakta Charitra

Maybe, he’s prone of making dim-witted horror flicks now and then, but you can’t criticize his works when it comes to the genre of ‘crime-thriller’. Be it his ‘Satya’ or ‘Sarkar’, the filmmaker dotted an unparalleled piece of spell in those films.

And now, after series of supernatural thrillers: ‘Phoonk’, ‘Agyaat’ and ‘Phoonk -2’ (yet to release), Ram Gopal Varma gets stuck with his ducky-theme based on crime-drama. This time with a much difference of his film not revolving around Mumbai based Dons, RGV is set to make it on Andhra based Parithala Ravi, a convicted killer later a politician and his deadliest rival Bengali Suri…

Once Ramu shored on the grounds of Anantpur, native land of Parithala Ravi, he was marooned with Ravi’s wife and close associates threatening him to stop making film on him. According to the reports, the fellow men of Ravi had their own instincts that Ramu is a kind of guy who portrays realisms and they didn’t want their God to be depicted in a bad manner.

Says Ramu: ‘Yes, it’s true that these people have been strongly opposing to stop making film on their guru. Perhaps, some amongst these men are convicted for 100-200 murder cases. And yet, I don’t feel like backing off and I’m more confident than before.’ As well the filmmaker added that he personally met Bengali Suri (enacted by Surya), the rival of Ravi who still feels frustrated about him.

Vivek Oberoi does the role of Parithala Ravi in Hindi with Kangana Ranaut as his wife while Chennai Superstar Surya will be spotted as ‘Suri’ in all the three versions. Ravi’s characterization will be picked by actor Aadhi in both the versions of Tamil and Telugu.
Maybe, he’s prone of making dim-witted horror flicks now and then, but you can’t criticize his works when it comes to the genre of ‘crime-thriller’. Be it his ‘Satya’ or ‘Sarkar’, the filmmaker dotted an unparalleled piece of spell in those films.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Ek Niranjan Title Song cost 3 crores

Prabhas-Kangana Ranaut starrer “Ek Niranjan” is gearing up for its release towards the end of the month. Directed by Puri Jagannath, the audio of the film has been a huge success.The film has been produced by Adityaram under the Adityaram Movies banner. Aditya ram expressed his confidence in the songs of the film and believed that each one of them will be a big hit. Revealing the details of the songs, he said that the introduction song of Prabhas ”Ek Niranjan” was shot in a specially designed set at a cost of Rs.3 crores! Another song “Gundello Guitar...” has been shot in the exotic locales of Switzerland. The producer seems to have spent a bomb on the film and lets hope that the film enthralls the audience on 29th this month.

Ek Niranjan Audio a smash hit

Ek Niranjan is Puri Jagannadh’s up coming movie. After Desamuduru, Puri Jagannadh failed to bag another hit. His previous movies like Bujjigadu and Neninthe were bombed at Box Office.

Chirutha which marked Ram Charan Tej’s debut did very well at Box Office but critically it was failure. In this movement he has his hopes on Ek Niranjan only.

Mani Sharma who has given two musical super hits to Puri Jagannath is the music director to this movie also. Recently audio got released. No one has shown interest about this audio because of Mani Sharma’s recent audios.

But surprisingly audio attracted audience slowly and now doing very well. Especially title song and Evaru lerani Anaku songs became biggest hits of this year.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kangana's will prove YOU reporters wrong

When critically acclaimed director Mani Shankar signed Kangana Ranaut to essay the role of a passionate broadcast journalist along with Sanjay Dutt and Irfaan Khan, there was (and still is) a whole lot of criticism from the cynics and her detractors. Many laughed at the thought of Kangana playing a role similar to the Padma Shri winner and bold NDTV journalist Barkha Dutt. None questioned her acting capabilities as Kangana has time and again proved herself to be an excellent and a versatile actress. But they all questioned Mani Shankar's wisdom in choosing Kangana to play the role of a TV journalist, because of the prominent lisp in her speech.

However it seems that Kangana is all out to prove her critics and detractors wrong as she is putting in a whole lot of hard work to make her character appear realistic. And the proof of that came during a press conference, where journalists who tried to ask Kangana questions were surprised to find her cross questioning them in a very convincing manner. When the poor journos did not understand what hit them, Kangana explained that she was doing this as a sort of practice for her role of a broadcast journalist and she wants to get her expressions, dialect and speech right and what better way to learn than from the journalists themselves. She also revealed that she was in contact with many of her journalist friends so that she could get her dialogue delivery right, as the most important factor in the role of a broadcast journalist is clear and convincing speech.

Well, Kangana we are sure that your efforts will be well rewarded

Saturday, October 3, 2009

"Ek Niranjan" music reivew

Kangana Ranaut is making her Telugu film debut opposite Young Rebel Star Prabhas in Ek Niranjan. In a departure from her wild and crazy Bollywood characters, Kangana will be playing a sweet, young guitar teacher and Prabhas is the emotionally distant loner who wins her heart. Directed by Puri Jagannadh, who also directed Prabhas in the superhit Bujjigadu, Ek Niranjan also stars Jodhaa-Akbar's Sonu Sood as the villain. Releasing October 29th, Ek Niranjan has all the makings to be a masala classic.

Music director Mani Sharma knows this territory very well, after all, he did the music for Prabhas's blockbuster Billa, which released earlier this year, as well as such modern masala classics as Pokiri (recently remade in Hindi as Wanted). Ek Niranjan is a solid entertainer packed with the kinds of up-tempo numbers that will certainly be used to showcase Prabhas's superior dance skills.

The album begins with the title track Ek Niranjan, a catchy, rhythmic tune that mixes some heavy distorted vocals from Ranjith with some softer instrumental flourishes like Spanish guitar and violin, along with a twee female chorus. The result is a fun tune that should get your feet tapping.

Next up is Gundello, a duet by Hemachandra and Geetha Madhuri. Although it starts with a heavy electric guitar, the song is actually a shimmery dance song built on a standard club beat. It's fairly predictable, using all the tricks of the dance mix, but still enjoyable. If the picturization is good, this one has the makings of a hit single.

The mood changes with Sameera which is a yearning song that alternates rhythmic verses with sweet choruses. Sung by Karthik, the song is the highlight of the album. The verses masterfully build up tension that is released with the crooning lyric "Sameera". A cheeky female chorus and Spanish guitar breakdown complete the song.

Although the first three tracks are dominated by the male point of view, the female gets a turn in the sweet Evaru Lerani sung by Malavika, which makes one immediately think of pastoral imagery and saris flowing in the wind. Malavika's vocals are doubled and tripled in places, giving her voice a pleasingly organic sound that is echoed in the flute that follows her lines.

Taking us from Elysian Fields to the beaches of Goa, Mahammari opens with a sample from that old club standby "Calabria 2007" setting the mood for this all out dance track. Mani Sharma throws everything he has into it and the result is a jumbled but not unsatisfying dance number. The song perks up during the chorus but is dragged down by some kitchen-sink instrumental breaks.

Finally, the album ends with a half-baked tribute to Michael Jackson in Narthana Thara. The picturization should be amusing but 'Narthana Thara' itself is lacking both a melody and an interesting beat. Samples of classic Michael Jackson songs are thrown in at random. Prabhas's dancing should salvage this in the film.

Overall, Ek Niranjan is a solid effort. There are some sour notes, most specifically 'Narthana Thara', but the rest of the album more than makes up for it. his is another winner for Mani Sharma!