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Monday, September 28, 2009

Kangana's confessions

Kangna Ranaut has come a long way from her Gangster days. Today, Bollywood’s latest glam doll and style diva is a confident lady who handles herself with élan. Dressed in a red mini-dress and black peep-toe heels, Kangna gave Hyderabad a taste of her outspoken nature and charisma.

Her first Telugu film with Prabhas is complete and geared up for release later next month. Though not familiar with the language, the actor is quite happy with the end result. “I had to work extra hard for my Telugu film, and I’m happy with the way it’s turned out,” says Kangna. For someone known for giving powerhouse performances consistently, language did not prove to be a barrier. “Whenever I was given the script, it was translated to me in either Hindi or English. This helped me understand the lines and get the emotions right,” says the actor.

What comes as a surprise is that Kangna chose to do a Telugu film at a time when her kitty is filled with interesting Hindi projects, like Kites. “Well, I believe in multi-tasking. Moreover I don’t have to bother about my dates as my manager is there do take care of that,” she says. So what exactly made her accept this offer? “I’ve known Puri (Jagannath) for a long time. He offered me Pokiri earlier, but I couldn’t do the film as I was busy with Gangster. He later approached me with this script. I liked it and managed to find time, so here I am, acting opposite Prabhas,” avers Kangna.

So is she trying to widen her appeal in areas that are known to idolise their regional cinema idols? “Look, I’m not that intelligent. I don’t understand ‘numbers’ and ‘markets’ and stuff like that. I only understand cinema and me doing any film - be it regional or Hindi - solely depends on the script.”

With the Filmfare award for best supporting actor (female), for Fashion safely tucked under her belt, Kangna is indeed one of the most sought after leading ladies in Bollywood. Her fresh-faced appeal and no-holds barred acting has won over many a hardened critic. But the lady chooses not to pays heed to the film ‘pundits’. “Given an option, I would choose a blockbuster over critical acclaim. Critics are just a handful of people who look too deep into the nitty-gritties of cinema. They forget to enjoy the fun aspect of the film. The audience watches films to be entertained. They don’t sit in theatres to scrutinise the technical aspects that go into filmmaking. So, I would rather make films to please those million instead of making movies for a bunch of people,” confesses the actor.

For someone from a non-filmi background, Kangna is slowly getting a stronger foothold in an industry that is unforgiving towards slips. “Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes your film works and at times it doesn’t. But what’s important is that your efforts are honest,” she says.

Though just a few years old in the industry, the actor has already stared dreaming of directing a film someday. “I’m quite familiar with the process of filmmaking. I will surely direct a movie someday. But right now, I have no such defined career-path.” Her cinematic dreams not withstanding, Kangna does not shy away from mentioning her humble beginnings. “I’m a simple girl from a small town like Manali. I was plucked from anonymity and stardom happened. I try to make movies that appeal to people like my brother and his friends who only care about entertainment and nothing more. But most importantly, I don’t forget my roots. It helps me stay grounded.

Is Kangana-Sanjay-Irfan Khan film a rip off?

Rumors are flying that producer Sohail Maklai has quietly started the shooting of his film, Knockout featuring Irrfan Khan, Sanjay Dutt and Kangna Ranaut. The film apparently, is a rip-off of the English flick Phone Booth (2003). The shooting, it seems has begun at Mehboob Studios (Bandra) and is directed by Mani Shankar. Irrfan plays the man trapped in the booth played by Colin Farrell originally, Forest Whitaker who played the cop is played by Sanjay and Kangna plays the TV journalist played by Kim Posnett in the original. Kangna will be without her trademark curly tresses and will sport a short hairstyle like that of Barkha Dutt.

Phone Booth is about a man who is held hostage in a telephone booth by a sniper. Apart from Colin Farrell, Kim Posnett and Forest Whitaker, it also featured Katie Holmes and Kiefer Sutherland and was directed by Joel Schumacher.

However, Sohail refuting all the rumours said, “It seems that others know more about my film than I know, but it’s not true.”

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kangna regrets missing "Pokiri"

If 'Gangster' registered her among movie buffs as a glam doll, Fashion proved her a talented actress. Known for not just beauty but critically acclaimed performance, 22 year old Kangana Ranaut is in the city toattend the audio launch of her Telugu movie 'Ek Niranjan' where she is playing the role of a guitar teacher where she is pairing with Prabhas.

Kangana was offered the heroine's role in 'Pokiri' a few years ago. But she chose Gangster over it. Now she says she regrets not taking up 'Pokiri' then.
"I've known Puri Jagannath for quite some time now. He offered me tobe the heroine in 'Pokiri' with Mahesh Babu. But that time, I got a chance to do 'Gangster'. I thought I could manage both the movies then. But Since I was in contract with 'Gangster' project, I could not act in Pokiri. I will always regret missing 'Pokiri'. Me and Puri Jagannath were in touch since then. He offered me to do a item number in 'Bumper Offer' and now a role in 'Ek Nirianjan' with Prabhas" she reveals.

The actress claims that it is the script and her gut feeling on the basis of which she chooses her films, reveals that she rejected 25 scripts before 'Fashion' . Kangana who considers Telugu film industry 'fascinating' says, the industry is 'one of its kind' which is 'technically' very strong thatproduces one of the best cinematographers in the country.
" Andhra is a big market where actors are worshipped. It is amazing to see turnovers of Rs 50 crore just from one state. The industry makes oneof the finest movies. The fact the many Telugu movies now are being remade into Hindi like the 'Wanted' speaks for itself. The filmmakers here use brilliant cameras and are exceptionally talented cinematographers. In a way Telugu film industry is nicely influencing Indian cinema." opines Ranaut.
Ask her if she is choosing Telugu movies to expand her market?
"I come from a place that has got nothing to do with movies. I come from Mountains. I don't distinguish movies on the basis of languages. I am here to do movies and I will act in any language provided the script excites me.I am not doing movies in Telugu to expand my market. I am not that intelligent or logical and I don't think so much.I just do things I feel like".
Currently working for about two Hindi films and an International movie 'Kites', she is one of the busiest stars in the industry. She wasonce chided for her poor English speaking skills and typical north Indian accent. Anyone who talks to her now can will rubbish this off as a rumour,thanks to her accent neutralising classes."I had classes to neutralise my accent. I paid a lot of attention to my language because I come from a rural place and I had thick north Indian accent. I took classes to speak Hindi words with perfection because I have to play different charecters. Sometimes I have to give interviews which could be telecast Internationally and they might not understand me if I didn't perfect my accent"

About ten movies old Ranaut who feels she is in the industry not by choice but by 'chance', was also in the news for her alleged break upwith her boy friend Adhyayan Suman. While cautioning that it is her 'personal life' she admits that she moved on.
"Every girl has one lover in her life whom she never forgets and it is natural. So is it in my case. Just that the lives of ordinary girls don't get published and ours does which is why it appears as if I am undergoing a rough patch in life. I am sure every girl undergoes this. I was certainly sad for a couple of days and I moved on.But thats not end of life. Breakup was never a big deal for me." There were also reports that she was abused by Aditya Pancholi.
While Kangana plays the charecters of a strong independant woman in movies, in her personal life, is she at the receiveing end?
"I was never abused in my life. I will never take any kind of abuse.Imay not be the person whom you see on the screen. I want to remain somebody whom nobody knows." she says in a rather confused tone.

Kangana loves Hyderbadi Biryani!

Kangana Ranaut, who is making her Bollywood debut in tollywood with the movie “Ek Niranjan”, is in Mumbai for a movie shooting. The shooting of “Ek Niranjan” has been wrapped off and the movie is said to release on October 29th, 2009.

According to the unit members of “Ek Niranjan” , Kangana Ranaut is said to be a big fan of Hyderabadi biryani and had it two times during the shooting of “ Ek Niranjan”. She hired the services of a spot boy and asked him to get a parcel of Hyderabadi Biryani from the famous Hyderabadi House.

After three days, again she demanded for a parcel of Biryani from the director, but she shelled out the money from her purse and she ordered for 7 plates of family pack, so that some of her crew members can also enjoy the delicious taste of Biryani.

It is reported that the gorgeous looking doll has become a fan of Biryani and ate to her hearts content, forgetting about her strict diet schedule.

VIDEO: "Ek Niranjan" audio release

Friday, September 25, 2009

"Ek Niranjan" trailer

"Ek Niranjan" audio release

‘Ek Niranjan’ starring Prabhas and Kangana Raunat, directed by Puri Jagannath had its audio launching programme at Shilpa Kala Vedika. The film is produced by Aditya Ram under Adityaram Movies banner and it is being presented by Puri Jagannath himself.

In this programme K Raghavendra Rao, Madhuyashki Gaud, Dil Raju, Puri Jagannath, Suresh Babu, Aditya Ram, Prabhas, Allu Arjun, Kangana Raunat, Gemini Kiran, C Kalyan, Ali, Dayanand, Bhaskara Bhatla, Ramajogayya Sastry, Hemachandra, Shyam K Naidu, Geetha Madhuri, Malavika, Bhogavalli Prasad, Dr KL Narayana, Ashok Kumar, Sekhar Babu, Sagar, Vishwa, Milani and many more participated.

Madhuyashki released the cassettes and presented the first copy of it to heroine Kangana Raunat, while the audio CDs were released by K Raghavendra Rao and the first copy of it was received by Allu Arjun.

Producer Aditya Ram while speaking, “I am confident about the movie’s success because Puri had done a great job by focusing on it completely. He had also designed the characterization of Prabhas extremely well. We are planning to release ‘Ek Niranjan’ worldwide on October 29th.”

Puri Jagannath thanked Madhuyashki for gracing the audio release funtion. He said, “This is my 3rd film with Mani Sharma and 2nd film with Prabhas. Prabhas performance and the comedy track by Ali and Brahmanandam are the highlights of ‘Ek Niranjan’.”

Prabhas commented that Puri designed the film according to the taste of his fans. He also said that Mani Sharma had given some magnificent tunes to this film as he did in his earlier film ‘Billa’.

Madhuyashki commented, “The songs on screen are tempting me to watch the entire film”.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Song "Gundello" (Ek Niranjan)

Hrithik - Kangana on Tere Mere Beech Mein (Airs Sept 26)

This week we had Hrithik Roshan speak about something he has never spoken publicly, his stammering problems and other hurdles he faced in life in terms of disablities. Hrithik shares openly about the pain and humiliation that he went through as a child because he had speech problems. He says his childhood was often hell. Hrithik surprises everyone including Farah by admitting on the show that he still has the problem and needs to practice everyday for an hour to get his speech okay. There are quite a lot of revelations about his childhood struggles.

The second guest was Kangana Ranaut. She shares her struggle in this industry because of her unconventional looks and the fact that she spoke in a peculiar accent. Kangana also reveals that she has no friends in this industry.

The Main Hoon Na for the episode was a true inspiaration. Pooja Kapoor is someone who has overcome her disablities and can today compose her own music. She moves Hrithik Roshan on the show with her story and never say die spirit.

High Lights:

Hrithik and Kangana play a game where they are given different props to use it as they want creatively in as many ways as possible.

Pooja Kapoor, the Main Hoon Na plays a piece of music on the synthesizer which she herself has composed. Hrithik , Kangana and Farah are amazed and moved.

Hrithik hugs one of the kids from the audience when he tells him about his speech problem and gives all the kids who shared their problems with him, examples from his personal life and his struggles.

For more of such fun moments and revelations tune in to Tere Mere Beach Mein every Sat & Sun at 9 PM

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Ek Niranjan" stills updated

Kangana went to shoot in Hyderabad for a song in the film and maybe a few scenes with her swelled lips. But despite having a swell up lips, she looked really beautiful and matured. I liked it and I hope the fans like it too.

Kangana Ranaut Will Do An Item Number in "Bumper Offer"

He is currently busy with Bumper Offer, his production venture in which his brother Sairam Shanker plays the lead role. The movie is already making waves for its much-talked-about item number starring Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, who is touted to be his current muse. “I am a big fan of Kangana Ranaut,” admits Jagannath. “I’ve known her for long and I wanted her to do the item song in Pokiri a few years ago. But she was busy with Gangster then. She is a fantastic performer and her item number will surely be a hit. I’m now planning to cast her as a lead heroine in one of my movies,” adds the director who is also gearing up to direct a Hindi film soon.

"Ek Niranjan" audio release on September 25

Music of Prabhas’s latest movie Ek Niranjan will be launched on 25 September through Aditya music. Mani Sharma composed songs for this movie which is directed by Puri Jagan produced by Aditya Ram. Recently action shots were shot in Thailand for 35 days. The tentative release date for the film is set as October 29th.

Kangana Ranaut, Sonu Sood, Mukul Dev, Makrand Deshpande, Brahmanandam, Venu Madhav, Ali, Tanikella Bharani, Sangeetha, Posani Krishna Murali form rest of the cast.

Kangana, no problem

After doing some dark roles, Kangna Ranaut’s now happy to have finally signed on some light-hearted comedy and romantic films. And she’s having so much fun shooting for the comedies that she confessed that the genre may soon become her favourite. Kangna, who’s currently shooting for No Problem, says, “It was such an amazing change to not look or feel depressed for a role. Besides, the atmosphere on the sets is so light that you not only laugh on camera, but even off it.” Intense roles do take a toll on her.

She says, “Looking sad all the time can be real tough. By the end of the film you feel so drained, that you need to take off on a long vacation. But on the sets of No Problem, it felt like we were on a vacation.” Well, Kangna we’re hoping your fans will have as much fun watching you on screen, as you had off it!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Ek Niranjan" nearing completion

Prabhas’ much hyped Ek Niranjan, being directed by Puri Jagannath with Bollywood's hot property Kangna Ranaut as heroine, is presently shooting in Hyderabad and is all set for wrap up by September 15.

Producer Aditya Ram of Adityaram Movies is making efforts to launch the audio during next week, while the film would be released on October 29. Touted to be an out-and-out commercial movie, Ek Niranjan gives equal importance to romance, action, fun and emotion.

It stars Sonu Sood, Mukul Dev, Tanikella Bharani, Brahmanandam, Posani Krishna Murali, Ali and Sunil in the cast. Mani Sharma has scored the music; cinematography is by Shyam K. Naidu; editing is by M.R. Varma.

Kangana's Upcoming Films

Her attempt to portray something different in her recent release might have gone in vain. But Kanagan Ranaut would have silently decided “mera Vaada Raha” to give something more different films here on.

After playing gray shades and alcohol-drug addict earlier, Kanaga has variety of roles to offer. Already people are anticipating for her movie ‘Kites’ with Hrithik Roshan - where she is playing a salsa-dancer and Hrithik her dance instructor. Then she will be coming together with Ajay Devagan for the first time in ‘Once Upon A Time in Mumbai’. Based on the shades of yesteryear actress Madhubala, here Kanagana is back with Anurag Basu, the one who gave her first film, and then did two consecutive films with her under the Mahesh Bhatt banner.

Looks like Kangana is out to work with popular actors for the first time. She has next ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ with R. Madhavan, then a multi-starrer ‘No Problem’. Kangana will soon get busy working with Amitabh Bachchan for ‘Actor’, and with Sanjay Dutt in an untitled project!

“Each of these is a different genre from anything I have done before. So, it does feel like a time of many first comedy, first romantic comedy, first thriller and so on! Exciting!” had penned the ‘Fashion’ actress on her blog.

Well, well, well we hope the best works for this lady!

"Vaada Raha"

"Vaada Raha" is a failure grossing bad collections and it is really sad because Kangna has had a big record of successful films from "Fashion" to "Raaz 2", but Kangna has more projects coming up. "Vaada Raha" opened up in 5% - 10%, but the box office collections is just dull. Hopefully, it can do better

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kangana Ranaut at Bumper Offer Audio Release

Kangana Ranaut is starring for first time in Telugu movie that is being directed by Puri Jaganath titled as Ek Niranjan along with Prabhas as hero. She was seen at music launch of Bumper Offer. She was in a flimsy top and trendy bottom pant. She graced the event, audio of the movie was launched on 11th September at Prasad Labs Preview theater in Hyderabad. This event was attended by Prabhas, Gopichand, Ravi Teja, Rajashekar, Jeevita, music director Chakri etc. The film stars Puri’s brother Sairam Shankar and Bindu Madhavi in the lead roles while Jaya Ravindra directs it. Puri produces it on his Vaishno Academy banner. Singer Raghu Kunche is making debut as music director and his songs are being marketed on Puri Sangeet Lable, a new stable from the star director-producer.

Friday, September 11, 2009

"Ek Niranjan" New Stills

Reviews to "Vaada Raha"

"Vaada Raha...I Promise" is one of the few releases this week and the reviews aren't so good. Kangana's performance has not really been praised, but it is because of the lack of scoop that was given to her. People say that Samir Karnik should have brought out more talent from her. Bobby Deol is also given a lot of credit to the film and it is even said to be his best performance. A lot of critics also agree that the child actor Dwij Yadav was given a role that is acted by an adult. Here are some of the reviews.

He’s ten on ten everywhere - as the loving boyfriend who has recently proposed marriage or as the surgeon feted by the American Medical Association for his research on cancer.

His loyal friends call his life perfect as his gorgeous fiancée (Kangana Ranaut) touches wood. All this can go away in an instant, says Dr Duke Chawla (Bobby Deol) one philosophical evening. Indeed, as he had prophesised, his life turns for the worse after an unfortunate accident.
Now suffering from paralysis, Dr Duke reaffirms the adage that doctors make the worst patients. He has reason to be this upset: his fiancée on hearing the news refuses to come and see him.
With an ill mother to look after, she, in a matter-of-fact manner, refuses this additional responsibility. The genius doc must now deal with heartbreak as well. He refuses food and medication, until the hospital head orders injectibles.But hope arrives in the tiny form of Roshan (Dwij Yadav), a talkative child who informs us that he’s giving his cancer-struck sister company in the hospital. While Duke resists him and even shouts 'get out’, Roshan persists and finally the two become great friends. Other friendly staff at the hospital offer further support and some laughs.

Then the story turns into a Hindi film - Duke is good in no time and even exclaims 'Eureka’ when he nixes the cancer treatment.

Now for the main grouse with the film. It’s difficult to swallow that an acclaimed surgeon would be so averse to medication. Yes, he’s lost hope and all that, but spitting out medicines and throwing tantrums that he doesn’t want medication, but wants to “go home”, is bit much.

Also Roshan is as adorable as only kids can be, but most films insist that for children to be cute, they must talk beyond their age. So you have the 10-year-old (or younger) saying things like 'mazaak to aap kar rahe ho, apni life se’ and something like, 'I’m only giving you that what you’ve lost – hope’.

But still, their unique friendship moves you and the unconventional ending leaves you smiling. Director Sameer Karnik (Heroes, Nanhe Jaisalmer) teases the audience throughout, hinting at a possible development or romance, but revealing the twist only later.

Otherwise, the execution remains dialogue-heavy and in tune with emotional dramas. The story stifled inside a hospital room for the most part, Vaada Raha strikes as being visually claustrophobic.

One wonders why, after the flop of Nanhe Jaisalmer (2007) that also paired Bobby Deol with Dwij Yadav, would Karnik attempt yet another friendship drama between the two.

Bobby Deol’s career hasn’t really taken off; he appeared in three films in 2008 and Dostana, where he played just a cameo, was the one that succeeded. But with Vaada Raha, you get a glimpse of what a convincing actor Deol can be. He does very well throughout, enacting his character with utmost sincerity and heart.

Dwij Yadav is a scene-stealer and hugely talented. Kangana Ranaut looks fab in the chiffon sarees, and does well playing her brief but very interesting character. Some of the songs are hummable, others very ordinary.

If you enjoy emotional dramas, the way they made it years ago, you might want to sample this one.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kangana Ranaut graces Femina Magazine

Kangana looks awesome in the September issue of Femina Magazine where she talks about a girl who used to send her love notes in school. That, I can't blame the girl. But the cover looks great

About Kangana's Lips

Kangana Ranaut was seen in Bandra after just arriving from Italy and when reporters went to see her, they saw that she had a swollen lip and rumors have been flying that she has ruined her face by surgery. Well, WRONG! Kangna's spokesperson however maintains, "Kangna has a shellfish allergy and she'd inadvertently had a salad that afternoon with shellfish in it which caused a reaction."

The actress' publicist adds, "She's been shooting incessantly since the past two months and it is ridiculous to think she has time for any surgery."

Now she did not get surgery, for people who are wondering. Also it doesn't look so bad, she actually looks pretty.

Kangana's trip to Italy

Kangana Ranaut is one lucky girl! The actress, who was to shoot this fortnight for Once Upon A Time in Mumbai suddenly had free time as the schedule got cancelled.
With 15 days in hand, it was time for some spontaneous and “yummy” adventure!

Kangana decided to travel to Italy, a first. Also, she says, she went “Alone. No assistants, colleagues, friends or family. Another first!” She adds, “Italy’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit... and I was not disappointed...ancient culture, amazing art, fabulous food, lovely people, and lyrical language...I certainly did fall in love - with the place itself.”

Kangana blogs, “And it was amazing to travel alone... I began in this industry when I was very young, and have never travelled alone. I always wondered what I would do if I was completely alone. I was delighted at my own contentment... I ate good food, visited beautiful places, fell in love with Michelangelo’s art, made wishes throwing coins in the fountain. I loved the works of Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael, by far my favorites. The ‘Last Supper’ is such an exquisite piece of art...I could look at it forever.”

The Italians reciprocated the feeling, with some light-hearted flurting! Kangana reveals, “The Italians were very nice. The lighthearted and earnest flirting of young single Italian guys, calling me princess and asking me to marry them...some in French, because they thought I was from France, made me laugh! And I was touched by people’s easy helpfulness — strangers clicked my picture for me or attended to me at hotel receptions or called a cab for me or helped me carry my very heavy suitcases! Strangers were friends and companions and I felt like we connected in a very spiritual way, even though I didn’t know their names. People were so polite and humble, that Italy became the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced.”

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kangana gives out fashion tips

Kangna Ranaut is a versatile fashionista. Sarees or salwars, dresses or jeans and gowns or hot pants, she looks fabulous no matter what she wears.

She played a supermodel in Fashion and Raaz 2 and has looked different, like a whiff of fresh air in each of her films. In Vaada Raha, I Promise, she will be seen in sarees. The curly (or wavy) haired Pahadi beauty who could give any city bred girl a run for her money, tells us what how to be fashionable and re-invent yourself all the time.

1) Fashion is a job. You cannot look good and be comfortable. If you want to look good, be prepared to work for it.

2) Armani, Versace and Sabyasachi are my favourite brands. I love fashion immensely; it is a passion for me. I had a great time shopping in Milan. I think it makes sense to splurge on one item than buy a bunch of things that aren’t expensive. Quality is more important than quantity.

3) You should wear something continuously and get recognized for it and then move on to something else. For example, you could wear dresses for a while and then move on to some other outfit. In between, you can also surprise people with sarees and gowns, once in a while. It depends on the event, actually.

4) You have to be confident and play around with what you have, be it your clothes, hair, face or body. Wear clothes that flatter your figure and be confident and happy wearing them. I do Yoga and eat a balanced diet to keep fit and you can choose whatever fitness routine you like

5) It is important to have a style statement of your own and not copy anyone else. It should reflect your mood but dressing well and doing yourself always makes you feel good and confident about yourself. Take a good look in the mirror before you step out.

Highlights of "Ek Niranjan"

When it comes to Puri Jagannadh and his films, there is always an element of variety which can be seen. Right now, Puri is busy with the wrapping up of his new movie ‘Ek Niranjan’ and this has young rebel star Prabhas along with Bollywood sizzler Kangana Ranaut.

Recently, the action sequences were canned in Thailand and here is a special feature of that. There is news that few action sequences have been canned on one man and he happens to be a fighter who has worked with none other than the legendary Jackie Chan.

Unit members say that this will be a highlight sequence of the film and the fights have been choreographed by Peter Heinz and fight masters from local Thailand. The film is produced by Adithya Ram and it is being made at a very high budget.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kangana playing a journalist in her next film

Kangna Ranaut to play a bold journalist in Mani Shankar's film. Her character is strikingly similar to broadcast journalist Barkha Dutt. After several hard-hitting roles, Kangna Ranaut will now play a fearless journalist in her new film, which is directed by Mani Shankar. Incidentally, her role is that of a topnotch journalist who works in a prominent news channel. The reel life character sounds strikingly similar to broadcast journalist Barkha Dutt.

A source said, “Kangna is quite excited about playing a journalist for the first time. Sanjay Dutt and Irrfan Khan are the two key characters as government agents from different walks of life who come together to raise Rs 32,000 crore in two hours. Kangna, who has a great fashion sense and is known to always experiment with her roles, is very excited about her different look in the film. She will be chopping off her trademark curly tresses and sport a short hairstyle to look like Barkha Dutt.”

Sohail Maklai, producer of the untitled film, said, “No comments.”

Kangna remained unavailable for comment.

Stalker gives love-letter to Kangna

Kangna Ranaut has realised the drawbacks of stardom. Recently, she was stalked by an irrational and stubborn young man in his 20s. Much to her embarrassment the stalker went on a very public bhook hartaal demanding that he meet her.

The man, who is obviously obsessed with Kangna, landed up at Leena Mogre’s gym where she frequently works out. A source said, “The boy was trying to spot Kangna who he saw from a distance when she was in the gym. He tried to get her attention but didn’t succeed. The alert security guards sensed that the boy was not a gym member and was an outsider who was trying to create trouble. They went up to him and strictly asked him to leave the premises.”

“That’s when he pleaded with the gym officials, asking for Kangna’s whereabouts. When they did not oblige him, he went outside the building, sat a few metres away from the gate and started a bhook hartaal. He was adamant that he will break his fast only after he speaks to Kangna and gives her a letter,” added our source.

When Kangna went to the gym three days later, the stalker was still there continuing his bhook hartaal. On seeing Kangna, he quickly walked up to her and gave her a letter. This time a few trainers from the gym shooed him away.

Kangna confirmed the news and said, “I guess this is a part and parcel of being in show business.” She refused to divulge any more details.

Talking about the incident, Leena Mogre said, “Kangna took the letter from that guy. But she said she wouldn’t tell me what he had written in that letter.

"My new films are less emotionally exhausting"

Kangna is happy to be playing light and breezy characters in her forthcoming films. Whether it is her under production No Problem with Anees Bazmee, Kites with Anurag Basu or Tanu Weds Manu with Aanand L Rai, Kangna is finally letting her hair down. From her serious roles that created a 'troubled girl' image for her, Kangna is now enjoying her new stint where she can afford to engage in some 'less emotionally exhausting' parts.

"I am very happy with the kind of roles I am playing today. Movies like No Problem and Tanu Weds Manu are good to enact", smiles Kangna who has earlier made a career out of playing a troubled soul in films like Raaz - The Mystery Continues, Fashion, Life In A... Metro, Woh Lamhe and Gangster.

She acknowledges the fact that she was earlier working in serious films for a good part of her career.

"I stand by those films. I certainly like the roles that I have essayed in my previous films", she says in a firm tone, "But acting has 'navrasa' and I am looking forward to my current lot of films as well. We haven't started filming for Tanu Weds Manu yet, but the subject is so engaging that it enthused me in a big way."

To be shot in a major way in North India, mainly in the cities of Lucknow, Kanpur, Faridkot, Patiala and Delhi, Tanu Weds Manu would be backed by a big corporate house.

It wasn't the lure of getting into a light hearted romantic entertainer that prompted Kangna to sign Tanu Weds Manu. For her the subject, just as was the case in her earlier movies as well, was a big driving factor for agreeing to do the film.

"The plot of Tanu Weds Manu is exceptional and the setting is very interesting as well. The subject narrated by Aanand was such that I was sold right away", says Kangna who is currently enjoying a hectic travel schedule that spans Milan, London, Singapore, Bangkok and Durban.

Her pairing with Madhavan in the film too sounds unconventional, yet fresh. Has she ever given it a thought that how would the two of them eventually look together on screen?

"I think that verdict is yours as an audience to declare", says Kangna in a diplomatic tone," Audiences will decide how our pairing will look. I think Madhavan is a great actor, and I am looking forward to working with him."

Meanwhile she is currently also working with Anees Bazmee in No Problem. It must be indeed a different experience to be moving out of the grim world of Fashion and Raaz and getting into some full on 'masti' and 'dhamaal' affair with No Problem?

"Yes, it is indeed a different experience", agrees Kangna who is working with the blockbuster film maker for the first time in her career, "The characters are light and breezy. Due to this very reason, getting into their skin and mindset is less emotionally exhausting than some of the roles that I have essayed in the past.

In personal life too, Kangna is definitely smiling and keeping herself thoroughly engaged. Even though she suffered heartbreak recently after her split from boyfriend Adhyayan Suman, she is not showing it to the outer world. This petite actress has not just bought a new BMW and some beautiful solitaire diamonds but is also celebrating her new single status with over seven films in hand.

Other than No Problem, and Tanu Weds Manu, Kangna would also be seen soon in Vaada Raha... I Promise (with Bobby Deol), Kites (Hrithik Roshan) and Once Upon A Time In Mumbai (Emraan Hashmi) during next few months.