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Friday, September 11, 2009

Reviews to "Vaada Raha"

"Vaada Raha...I Promise" is one of the few releases this week and the reviews aren't so good. Kangana's performance has not really been praised, but it is because of the lack of scoop that was given to her. People say that Samir Karnik should have brought out more talent from her. Bobby Deol is also given a lot of credit to the film and it is even said to be his best performance. A lot of critics also agree that the child actor Dwij Yadav was given a role that is acted by an adult. Here are some of the reviews.

He’s ten on ten everywhere - as the loving boyfriend who has recently proposed marriage or as the surgeon feted by the American Medical Association for his research on cancer.

His loyal friends call his life perfect as his gorgeous fiancée (Kangana Ranaut) touches wood. All this can go away in an instant, says Dr Duke Chawla (Bobby Deol) one philosophical evening. Indeed, as he had prophesised, his life turns for the worse after an unfortunate accident.
Now suffering from paralysis, Dr Duke reaffirms the adage that doctors make the worst patients. He has reason to be this upset: his fiancée on hearing the news refuses to come and see him.
With an ill mother to look after, she, in a matter-of-fact manner, refuses this additional responsibility. The genius doc must now deal with heartbreak as well. He refuses food and medication, until the hospital head orders injectibles.But hope arrives in the tiny form of Roshan (Dwij Yadav), a talkative child who informs us that he’s giving his cancer-struck sister company in the hospital. While Duke resists him and even shouts 'get out’, Roshan persists and finally the two become great friends. Other friendly staff at the hospital offer further support and some laughs.

Then the story turns into a Hindi film - Duke is good in no time and even exclaims 'Eureka’ when he nixes the cancer treatment.

Now for the main grouse with the film. It’s difficult to swallow that an acclaimed surgeon would be so averse to medication. Yes, he’s lost hope and all that, but spitting out medicines and throwing tantrums that he doesn’t want medication, but wants to “go home”, is bit much.

Also Roshan is as adorable as only kids can be, but most films insist that for children to be cute, they must talk beyond their age. So you have the 10-year-old (or younger) saying things like 'mazaak to aap kar rahe ho, apni life se’ and something like, 'I’m only giving you that what you’ve lost – hope’.

But still, their unique friendship moves you and the unconventional ending leaves you smiling. Director Sameer Karnik (Heroes, Nanhe Jaisalmer) teases the audience throughout, hinting at a possible development or romance, but revealing the twist only later.

Otherwise, the execution remains dialogue-heavy and in tune with emotional dramas. The story stifled inside a hospital room for the most part, Vaada Raha strikes as being visually claustrophobic.

One wonders why, after the flop of Nanhe Jaisalmer (2007) that also paired Bobby Deol with Dwij Yadav, would Karnik attempt yet another friendship drama between the two.

Bobby Deol’s career hasn’t really taken off; he appeared in three films in 2008 and Dostana, where he played just a cameo, was the one that succeeded. But with Vaada Raha, you get a glimpse of what a convincing actor Deol can be. He does very well throughout, enacting his character with utmost sincerity and heart.

Dwij Yadav is a scene-stealer and hugely talented. Kangana Ranaut looks fab in the chiffon sarees, and does well playing her brief but very interesting character. Some of the songs are hummable, others very ordinary.

If you enjoy emotional dramas, the way they made it years ago, you might want to sample this one.

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