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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kangana's trip to Italy

Kangana Ranaut is one lucky girl! The actress, who was to shoot this fortnight for Once Upon A Time in Mumbai suddenly had free time as the schedule got cancelled.
With 15 days in hand, it was time for some spontaneous and “yummy” adventure!

Kangana decided to travel to Italy, a first. Also, she says, she went “Alone. No assistants, colleagues, friends or family. Another first!” She adds, “Italy’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit... and I was not disappointed...ancient culture, amazing art, fabulous food, lovely people, and lyrical language...I certainly did fall in love - with the place itself.”

Kangana blogs, “And it was amazing to travel alone... I began in this industry when I was very young, and have never travelled alone. I always wondered what I would do if I was completely alone. I was delighted at my own contentment... I ate good food, visited beautiful places, fell in love with Michelangelo’s art, made wishes throwing coins in the fountain. I loved the works of Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael, by far my favorites. The ‘Last Supper’ is such an exquisite piece of art...I could look at it forever.”

The Italians reciprocated the feeling, with some light-hearted flurting! Kangana reveals, “The Italians were very nice. The lighthearted and earnest flirting of young single Italian guys, calling me princess and asking me to marry them...some in French, because they thought I was from France, made me laugh! And I was touched by people’s easy helpfulness — strangers clicked my picture for me or attended to me at hotel receptions or called a cab for me or helped me carry my very heavy suitcases! Strangers were friends and companions and I felt like we connected in a very spiritual way, even though I didn’t know their names. People were so polite and humble, that Italy became the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced.”

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