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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kangna regrets missing "Pokiri"

If 'Gangster' registered her among movie buffs as a glam doll, Fashion proved her a talented actress. Known for not just beauty but critically acclaimed performance, 22 year old Kangana Ranaut is in the city toattend the audio launch of her Telugu movie 'Ek Niranjan' where she is playing the role of a guitar teacher where she is pairing with Prabhas.

Kangana was offered the heroine's role in 'Pokiri' a few years ago. But she chose Gangster over it. Now she says she regrets not taking up 'Pokiri' then.
"I've known Puri Jagannath for quite some time now. He offered me tobe the heroine in 'Pokiri' with Mahesh Babu. But that time, I got a chance to do 'Gangster'. I thought I could manage both the movies then. But Since I was in contract with 'Gangster' project, I could not act in Pokiri. I will always regret missing 'Pokiri'. Me and Puri Jagannath were in touch since then. He offered me to do a item number in 'Bumper Offer' and now a role in 'Ek Nirianjan' with Prabhas" she reveals.

The actress claims that it is the script and her gut feeling on the basis of which she chooses her films, reveals that she rejected 25 scripts before 'Fashion' . Kangana who considers Telugu film industry 'fascinating' says, the industry is 'one of its kind' which is 'technically' very strong thatproduces one of the best cinematographers in the country.
" Andhra is a big market where actors are worshipped. It is amazing to see turnovers of Rs 50 crore just from one state. The industry makes oneof the finest movies. The fact the many Telugu movies now are being remade into Hindi like the 'Wanted' speaks for itself. The filmmakers here use brilliant cameras and are exceptionally talented cinematographers. In a way Telugu film industry is nicely influencing Indian cinema." opines Ranaut.
Ask her if she is choosing Telugu movies to expand her market?
"I come from a place that has got nothing to do with movies. I come from Mountains. I don't distinguish movies on the basis of languages. I am here to do movies and I will act in any language provided the script excites me.I am not doing movies in Telugu to expand my market. I am not that intelligent or logical and I don't think so much.I just do things I feel like".
Currently working for about two Hindi films and an International movie 'Kites', she is one of the busiest stars in the industry. She wasonce chided for her poor English speaking skills and typical north Indian accent. Anyone who talks to her now can will rubbish this off as a rumour,thanks to her accent neutralising classes."I had classes to neutralise my accent. I paid a lot of attention to my language because I come from a rural place and I had thick north Indian accent. I took classes to speak Hindi words with perfection because I have to play different charecters. Sometimes I have to give interviews which could be telecast Internationally and they might not understand me if I didn't perfect my accent"

About ten movies old Ranaut who feels she is in the industry not by choice but by 'chance', was also in the news for her alleged break upwith her boy friend Adhyayan Suman. While cautioning that it is her 'personal life' she admits that she moved on.
"Every girl has one lover in her life whom she never forgets and it is natural. So is it in my case. Just that the lives of ordinary girls don't get published and ours does which is why it appears as if I am undergoing a rough patch in life. I am sure every girl undergoes this. I was certainly sad for a couple of days and I moved on.But thats not end of life. Breakup was never a big deal for me." There were also reports that she was abused by Aditya Pancholi.
While Kangana plays the charecters of a strong independant woman in movies, in her personal life, is she at the receiveing end?
"I was never abused in my life. I will never take any kind of abuse.Imay not be the person whom you see on the screen. I want to remain somebody whom nobody knows." she says in a rather confused tone.

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