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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stalker gives love-letter to Kangna

Kangna Ranaut has realised the drawbacks of stardom. Recently, she was stalked by an irrational and stubborn young man in his 20s. Much to her embarrassment the stalker went on a very public bhook hartaal demanding that he meet her.

The man, who is obviously obsessed with Kangna, landed up at Leena Mogre’s gym where she frequently works out. A source said, “The boy was trying to spot Kangna who he saw from a distance when she was in the gym. He tried to get her attention but didn’t succeed. The alert security guards sensed that the boy was not a gym member and was an outsider who was trying to create trouble. They went up to him and strictly asked him to leave the premises.”

“That’s when he pleaded with the gym officials, asking for Kangna’s whereabouts. When they did not oblige him, he went outside the building, sat a few metres away from the gate and started a bhook hartaal. He was adamant that he will break his fast only after he speaks to Kangna and gives her a letter,” added our source.

When Kangna went to the gym three days later, the stalker was still there continuing his bhook hartaal. On seeing Kangna, he quickly walked up to her and gave her a letter. This time a few trainers from the gym shooed him away.

Kangna confirmed the news and said, “I guess this is a part and parcel of being in show business.” She refused to divulge any more details.

Talking about the incident, Leena Mogre said, “Kangna took the letter from that guy. But she said she wouldn’t tell me what he had written in that letter.

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