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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kangana gives out fashion tips

Kangna Ranaut is a versatile fashionista. Sarees or salwars, dresses or jeans and gowns or hot pants, she looks fabulous no matter what she wears.

She played a supermodel in Fashion and Raaz 2 and has looked different, like a whiff of fresh air in each of her films. In Vaada Raha, I Promise, she will be seen in sarees. The curly (or wavy) haired Pahadi beauty who could give any city bred girl a run for her money, tells us what how to be fashionable and re-invent yourself all the time.

1) Fashion is a job. You cannot look good and be comfortable. If you want to look good, be prepared to work for it.

2) Armani, Versace and Sabyasachi are my favourite brands. I love fashion immensely; it is a passion for me. I had a great time shopping in Milan. I think it makes sense to splurge on one item than buy a bunch of things that aren’t expensive. Quality is more important than quantity.

3) You should wear something continuously and get recognized for it and then move on to something else. For example, you could wear dresses for a while and then move on to some other outfit. In between, you can also surprise people with sarees and gowns, once in a while. It depends on the event, actually.

4) You have to be confident and play around with what you have, be it your clothes, hair, face or body. Wear clothes that flatter your figure and be confident and happy wearing them. I do Yoga and eat a balanced diet to keep fit and you can choose whatever fitness routine you like

5) It is important to have a style statement of your own and not copy anyone else. It should reflect your mood but dressing well and doing yourself always makes you feel good and confident about yourself. Take a good look in the mirror before you step out.

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