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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rumors: Kangana troubles Roshans

In this world, there are so many rumors within the entertainment industries. I understand that, but they are so crazy and stupid. I came across some news that Kangana was throwing tantrums on the sets of "Kites" because she felt as if Barbara Mori and Hrithik Roshan were getting all the limelight. Now, that makes no sense because they play the main characters and Kangana knew that when she signed the movie. They are even rumors that Rakesh and Hrithik never wanted Kangana in the film, but they let it go since she is Anurag's favorite. That makes no sense again because she said in an interview that Rakesh is like a mentor to her and Hrithik is even quite fond of her teaching her dancemoves and calling her "catwalker". They even said that Kangana would miss some days, which I know isn't true. Then they said that she even wanted her own designer, but Rakesh overlooked it. That could be true because Kangana loves to make her own clothes because she is fashionable, DUH!! Now they even said that Kangana does not want to do the film anymore and doesn't attend group meetings. Shooting is OVER so that don't even make sense!!!!!! I just want to make her fans know that they were made up lies. Look, if you want to write something about anyone, make sure it is the truth and at least accurate because that article made no hell of a sense.

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