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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More about Kangana's Blog

Just like when her boyfriend Adhyayan Suman launched his own website a month ago, Kangana Ranaut follows his example by creating her own web and blogging site being launched next month called

Besides using the website as a platform to clear rumors about her personal and professional matters, Kangana said that she plans to use it to also catch up with her family, friends and fans.

Kangana was actually not too happy with all that was written about her in the media. She wanted to take on the task of providing all the information about herself.

She will even post personal pictures of her at parties she attends with her friends and at the same time clear confusions like the one about her catfight with Priyanka Chopra.

"Like for instance, Priyanka and I had a fabulous time shooting for 'Fashion', but still there were stories of our catfights or what were not true, so I can post pictures from the set with us bonding to refute such rumors," says Kangana.

According to the sources, Kangana will connect directly to her fans through the website. She will post her day to day activities to inform her fans directly.

Kangana is prompted to establish such connect to avoid any more gossips in her life. According to sources close to the actress, Kangana is tired of giving explanations to the media. Her website will be the direct medium to connect to her fans.

After the success of most of her films like the recent horror-flick 'Raaz - The Mystery Continues' and shooting for her upcoming film 'Kites', Kangana hopes that she will go where no other actress has gone before using her website as a platform.

Kangana also wants to follow stars like Lara Dutta and Kareena Kapoor who had successfully launched their own websites to be able to connect with all their fans across the globe.

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