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Monday, May 25, 2009

Kangana Ready To Foray Into Telugu Films

Kangna Ranaut is far more relaxed these days — completes her shot and heads to the green room to snatch some rest. She’s busy shooting for the film “Ek Niranjan”. Like all Bollywood actresses, she’s now giving the south ern movie scene a shot. “Ek Niranjan” is her first Telugu film, directed by Puri Jagannath. Prabhas is her co-star. But Kangna is not entirely new to the South.

She had earlier worked in “Dhaam Dhoom”, a Tamil film directed by the late Jeeva. It was a big success but Kangna didn’t return for a long time. She says Puri Jagannath was supposed to launch her in “Pokiri” but she was offered “Gangster” around the same time and had to let go of the Telugu film.

“After ‘Dhaam Dhoom’, I got many offers but was busy in Mumbai. Because of the recession my film was delayed. After ‘Pokiri’, I was in constant touch with Jagan sir. We had been discussing stories and this one finally materialised. I like working in the South. We have great technicians, scripts and talented directors here.”

She has six films to her credit and all fairly good projects.

Talking about the difference between Bollywood and the Southern film industry, she says, “In Mumbai, people don’t write scripts for the heroes or heroines. One has to fit into the character, unlike in the South, where they are treated like gods, and where subjects are tailored to suit the hero or heroine’s image. But there is not much difference with regard to movie-making; it’s just the difference in culture. Also, I notice that here making a movie sans a song or dance is next to impossible.”

Does she watch all her movies? “No, I’m not obsessed with myself. Not just my films, I don’t watch too many films either. I love to read if I get time.” Kangna has become very selective about her work after “Metro”. Before “Fashion”, she says she rejected 25 movies. She adds: “Madhur’s magic was so real, I needed to keep up the good work. Money has never been important to me. Being part of an exciting project gives me a high.”

The actress is not too keen on speaking to the media and is upset with the websites writing unfairly about her.

“A lot has been written about me. Some tabloids in Mumbai wrote that I am 32 years old and have two kids. The world has become small, the websites pick up these news bits and the word spreads. They should let us be,” she sighs.

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