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Monday, May 18, 2009

Adhyayan Suman Speaks

While everyone is speculating about Kangna Ranaut’s boyfriend cheating on her while she is busy shooting in Hyderabad, the fact is that Adhyayan Adhyayan Suman is actually playing the ideal boyfriend in her absence. Not only does he visit her house everyday to look after the well-being of the pup they share, he also looks after the mundane affairs of her home.

Recently, residents of her Pali Naka building were surprised to see two regular width gates being replaced by much wider ones. Turned out this became necessary because now that Kangna was to own a BMW the normal gates would not suffice. But they needed to be checked out and what do you know. Adhyayan gracefully drove his BMW in and out of the gates to check they were of the required width.

Meanwhile Kangna Ranaut’s curly and wavy hair will soon be a thing of the past. Kangna has decided to cut and straighten her hair and acquire a fringe for Annes Bazmee’s No Problem.

A friend of Kangna says that, “Initially, Kangna was apprehensive and concerned whether her new look would suit her. However, once she made up her mind that she would experiment with it, there was no stopping her.”

Kangna, who has a natural style confirmed this and added, “I needed a chick hairstyle. I have a big forehead and the fringe will make my face look proportionate.”

Kangna who plays Sushmita’s younger sister in the film will also be seen in some stylish beach wear.

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