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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Kangana's resolution for 2010

Janaury is finally here. I am so happy that it is a new year and I look forward to blog all about Kangana's updates and movies here on this blog. 2009 was a big year for Kangna and 2010 will be even bigger. Kangana posted this on her blog about 2010:

Kaise hain aap? When the clock strikes twelve on December 31st, people all over the world cheer and wish each other a very Happy New Year. For some, this day is no different from any other. For others, it symbolizes a whole new beginning, while taking stock of the year that passed.

Stepping into 2010, I’m doing a little bit of that myself!

With filming for so many projects on at present, I am most of all looking forward to all my releases next year — from Kites, No Problem, Tanu Weds Manu, Once Upon a Time in Mumbai and Knockout. Each film is unique and I’m excited by the stories, the looks and the characters I essay. Thank you for your sweet support during Fashion and Raaz - The Mystery Continues. I hope you enjoy these films as much.

I’ve had a regular yoga practice for four years now, and it’s been the cornerstone of my fitness programmes. I plan to continue this, and also get more regular with my dance classes. In keeping with this, I also want to focus on eating healthier and avoiding junk food. This can be hard sometimes, because I’m a real foodie!

While outdoor shoots take you to different countries, there’s a completely different quality about a full fledged holiday, with no responsibilities whatsoever. I had a lovely time in Italy this year and with family in Manali. I hope I get to travel and explore lots more this year.

And last of all, I want to buy my dream home in Manali. I love the mountains, the simplicity and purity of life. Having a home in Manali has been something I’ve wanted all along, and it’s sweet to know that this might happen in this coming year.

Whatever your resolutions for the year or perhaps you have decided to make none…I wish that this journey around the Sun be one that is filled with happiness for you. Dream! Discover!! Explore!!! Happy 2010!

Love always,
Kangna Ranaut

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