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Friday, January 29, 2010

Kangna impersonated on socail networking site

Celebrities being impersonated on the internet may be common enough, but it isn’t just overeager fans who get conned by such imposters. Kangna Ranaut has just discovered that she was being impersonated on a social networking site but what’s causing even greater heartburn is the fact that her Fashion costar Priyanka Chopra has actually been interacting with whoever that person is.

A source says, “Kangna is not registered on any social networking site but there are several impersonators out there. Kangna had barely recovered from that disturbing fact when she learnt that Priyanka had been interacting and following one such impersonator.”

Naturally, Kangna is concerned and wants to warn Priyanka, who is shooting in New York for Anjaana Anjaani, about the whole mix up. “I have not called Priyanka yet, but I will inform her,” Kangna told Mumbai Mirror. “Even Madhur Bhandarkar called me up to say that he is following me on a social networking site. I’m shocked. There are fake accounts in my name on these sites and not just fans, even my friends are following them.”

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