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Monday, January 25, 2010

Kangana's appreciation to everyone

Kangana posted on her blog a very emotional appreciation to all her fans and supporters. Here is it:

Thank you so much for all your messages on my winning the National Award for my work in Madhur Bhandarkar’s film ‘Fashion’. It is such an honour and it is a memory I will cherish forever.

Fashion was a great film. Madhur Sir, is by far, one of the most talented Directors in our industry and deserves all credit for this win. When he called me yesterday with news that I’d won this award, I was surprised and delighted. He told me to turn on the TV. It was only when I saw the tickers on TV channels announcing Priyanka’s win, and my win, that I really believed it!

You never go into a film thinking of the awards it will win. The focus is always on making a good film that audiences will enjoy. But as an actor, I do put my heart and soul into the roles I essay. So when you receive an award, a complement or fan mail that tells you someone appreciated your work it is always special. Its only been three years for me in the indutry and I’ve been lucky to win something each year. But because the National Awards are one of a kind - they are the oldest, given by the President of the Country, and they are about your country conferring an honour on you -this moment becomes really extra, extra special!

It’s been an emotional time for my entire family. My father had tears in his eyes when he heard the news. He was saying “You’re just 22, this is really incredible, to have achieved so much so soon!” My family and friends all have big smiles on their faces. My house is filled with beautiful flowers and chocolates, and my mail box and phone with sweet messages that have been sent by people from the industry, friends and well wishers. Celebration is in the air for sure!

I’m looking forward to going to Delhi to be with the team of Fashion and celebrate this. Madhur Sir, Priyanka, Mugdha, Arjan, Arbaaz and I all had a wonderful time making this film. It would not have been the same without any one of them. I look forward to working with everyone again.

It is your support that keeps me going most of all. Thanks for your great letters, messages and words of encouragement. I love you.

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