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Friday, January 8, 2010

Neetu has no problem with Kangna

This time the same thing happened on the sets of No Problem, where almost 3 actresses are working together. Sushmita Sen, Kangna Ranaut and Neetu Chandra. But the fight this time is between Neetu and Kangna.

Sources from the sets informed that, “A few days ago, Kangana called Neetu to her vanity van and shouted at her for using her name to gain publicity. Neetu was stunned at her reaction.”

But later, Neetu realized that what had actually happened was due to her very close friend, who was present on the sets. “Some journalist asked her friend about the kind of rapport Neetu shared with everyone on the sets of No Problem, but the scribe went about and made a snippet about Neetu’s dosti with Kangna,” said the source, and Neetu was blamed to leak all inside stories.

When we contacted Neetu, she said, “I have no idea about it. We had a great time while shooting, and Kangna is very sweet.” Kangna was unavailable for comment.

So we contacted the director of the film, Aneez Bazmee, to confirm the story. He said, "I have no idea if something like this had happened, I think it is all a rumour because we had a great time shooting for No Problem, and every actor, actress and crew member, all of them, became very close friends. It was like some picnic. And I don’t think any cat fight happened between Neetu and Kangna because both the ladies are very sweet.”

Seems that Kangna feels that she is a top actress, though in No Problem, she is the leading lady opposite an average actor Akshaye Khanna. And on the other hand, Neetu Chandra has still not made it big in Bollywood.

In the film No Problem, Sushmita Sen is playing Kangna Ranaut’s sister. And both are impressed by each other. So where does this leave Neetu?

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