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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kangana Speaks on Her Blog

This is just an entry from Kangana's blog where she thanks her fans from all what they did to her blog. She also said that her bags are packed and she is getting ready for the IIFA awards. She is currently shooting "Once Upon A Time in Mumbai" and has talked about the looks in this entry.

"Good Evening!

Its 9:30 pm, and I’ve returned from a day of shooting a rain sequence for my film Once Upon A Time in Mumbai with Ajay Devgan that is being directed by Milan Luthria. It’s been a lot of fun, specially dressing up in 70’s costume inspired by the talented, beautiful actresses of that time. I love the look, with the big hair, the khol lined eyes, the sarees. After wearing my make-up and costume, even I did a double take, not quite recognizing myself in the mirror!

I love reading the comments and letters you leave on the site. Thank you so much for your appreciation for my role in Raaz and in Fashion. I’m glad you enjoyed the movie. And thanks for your supportive comments on my relationship status changing! For those of you who are sorry, thanks for your empathy, and to those who think it’s great, well I have to say that you had foresight I obviously did not! And finally, really, thank you for your sweet and encouraging responses to this website – I’m glad you like it, and we can share this space to connect. It’s been my intention to keep it personal, genuine. Do keep writing in.

This year holds a lot of travel, starting with the IIFA Awards in Macau. I look forward to sharing news and views with you on this blog.

Keep writing in. It’s lovely to hear from you.


The IIFA Awards has already began and I am eagerly waiting to see what surprises Kangna throws at us.

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