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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Emraan Khan uses Kangna's vanity van

Emraan Hashmi was lodged inside the vanity van of Kangana Ranaut while shooting the movie ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbai’. Now, before you let that naughty imagination of yours run wild, let’s make the picture clear. Though Emraan was in Kangana’s vanity van, she wasn’t there. The serial kisser was temporarily using her van because his own van did not turn up on the film’s sets.

It happened that while shooting the Milan Luthria-directed film Once Upon A Time In Mumbai , Emraan found himself stranded on the sets when his vanity van did not arrive at its scheduled time. The van apparently met with an accident on its way. Since the clock was ticking and the shooting unit was waiting for him, Emraan decided to use Kangana’s vanity van. The actress did not have any shots that day and wasn’t on the sets.

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