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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Adhyayan BROKE up with Kangana for his sweetheart

Adhyayan Suman goes back to his childhood sweetheart, after his break-up with Kangna Ranaut. Let’s call her Maya...

Adhyayan Suman and Kanga Ranaut may scream from the rooftops that ending their romantic relationship was a mutual decision but our source informs us that it’s not true. Apparently Adhyayan’s claims that they ended their relationship in order to focus on their respective careers, is not the whole truth.

Our source, who’s close to the Suman family, reveals, “The fact is that Adhyayan left Kangna to return to his childhood sweetheart, who also happens to be his neighbour. Adhyayan’s parents, who were totally opposed to his relationship with Kanga, were sure that their son would come back to the girl they approve of. And Adhyayan is now trying very hard to win her back. The girl, Maya (real name withheld on the request of the Suman family) is not from the film industry. She’s been almost like a member of the Suman family for years now. So after the way Adhyayan treated her and dated Kangna, she is naturally wary of renewing her relationship with him. But Adhyayan is completely over Kangna now, and they aren’t in touch at all. So she is giving him a second chance.”

Kangna, however, refuses to talk about Adhyayan. She would rather focus on the new man in her life... Lord Krishna! Yes, like Lata Mangeshkar and Hema Malini, the two most well-known Krishna bhakts in Bollywood, Kangna has now given her heart to God. Says a friend close to Kangana, “She feels the connection with divinity puts one’s life in a place where it’s impossible to get shaken by the impermanence of man-woman relationships. Kangna’s God and her family are her two sources of strength. Beyond that she is not thinking about anyone right now.”

Happier still is the news that Kangna is finally getting together with Hrithik Roshan for a television show, belying rumours of tension with the actor over the publicity of Kites. Reasons a source close to Kangna, “Kangna is very clear on this issue. Kites is basically a love story between Hrithik and Barbara Mori . So why should he not be highlighted in the publicity? Kangna love Hrirhik as an actor.” Kangna and Hrithik are recording for Farah Khan’s talk show Tere Mere Beech Mein on Sunday. That should put to rest all rumours about Kangna being unhappy about the Kites publicity.

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