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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

At 22, I feel 40

Kangana Ranaut Banner/sig Pictures, Images and Photos
Kangana Ranaut, who turns 22 on March 23, has her plans in place not just for the day, but for the next eight years. The actress has chalked out her list and certainly knows her priorities. For instance, on the top of her list is her older sister Rangoli’s marriage.

It may be recalled that a few years ago there were reports of Rangoli singed by acid by an unidentified person because of a broken marital alliance. However, Rangoli is now leading a normal life. If all goes well she will be married by next year. Apparently, a new marital alliance is being worked out for Rangoli. Says Kangana, “Rangoli is the older among the two of us so it’s only natural that she gets married first. As for me, I can’t even think of marriage until I get my sister’s life in order.”

When asked about her marriage plans, she says not till she turns 30. “There are so many other things to do that are far more important in my life, so many places to see, dreams to fulfill. I want to get married when I want to have babies,” says Kangana.

She dreams of direction. “I want to go to the US to study filmmaking and then direct a film. It has been my dream and now I want to fulfill it. After I complete my pending acting assignments I intend to go abroad.”

Kangana also has an alternative plan in place. She wants to assist her favourite director Anuarag Basu. “According to me, Anurag looks like Satyajit Ray so I can pretend I’m learning from the best,” laughs Kangana and insists a course in filmmaking is a must as soon as her sister is settled.

About other problems in her personal life she says, “All I can say is I’ve truly moved on. Meditation has mellowed me and made me a mature person. At 22, I feel I am 40. I’ve forgiven but not forgotten.”

Rangoli is the older among the two of us so it’s only natural that she gets married first – Kangana Ranaut.

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