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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kangna Ranaut's sister gets justice

The court’s verdict has resulted in a five-year sentence for the two men behind the crime. The Chief Judicial Magistrate sentenced held Avinash and his friend Prem Singh guilty of throwing acid on Rangoli, yesterday.

The case had been running for over four years now. The actress, who had been very vocal about the attack on her sister in 2006, is happy to see justice served. “While we cannot get back the years my sister lost, I am happy to see that the people behind this have been punished,” said Kangana.

In October 2006 , Rangoli’s ex-lover Avinash had asked Singh to throw acid on her for ending their relationship. It is believed that Singh entered into the Ranaut home proclaiming that he was there to deliver a courier and then threw acid on her when she arrived to the door. The damage caused was quite extensive, with serious burn injuries on Rangoli’s face and other parts of the body.

Soon after the incident, Kangana, who was then filming for Shakalaka Boom Boom, made arrangements for her sister to be flown to Mumbai and looked at by the best doctors in the field. Over the past few years, it is believed that Rangoli has undergone several cosmetic surgeries to help restore her facial structure.

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