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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rumors about Kangana interaction with terrorist

Rumors have done it again and say that Kangana had some connection with David Headley who is a terrorist or something like that. Read this:
Bollywood actress Kangna Ranaut has threatened to take legal action against those who are spreading malicious rumors of her link with Lashkar terrorist David Headley. Raising serious objection to the news report being circulated in the media, Kangna says that she has never met nor spoken to David Headley in her life.

She has also objected to the reports of her alleged acquaintance with Mahesh Bhatt's son Rahul Bhatt, who is in the eye of a storm for being known to David Headley.

Talking to NDTV India over the phone, Kangna says, "All these reports, which are running in Indian news channels, are totally baseless. I have never ever met Rahul Bhatt in my life. All those who are dragging my name into the whole episode will have to face legal consequences. Those people who are trying to malign my name don't have any proof at all."

Kangna says that no investigating agency has informed any news channel about her role or link with David Headley or Rahul Bhatt.

Says she, "My publicist has spoken to all the news channels running this news. But they couldn't provide any base for the news. All these are mere speculations."

Denying any link with Headley, she says, "I have never ever met this person or anybody except Bhatt Sahab and Pooja Bhatt from his family.

"Being a responsible citizen, I guarantee that what I say is true. I am going to take legal action against all those who are spreading rumors about me," says she further.

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